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Online Course Testimonials

"Alex and his teachings are exceptional. He is really an excellent instructor. Everything he put out there very clear and understandable. Learned a lot. HIGHLY recommend!! Thank you so much Alex!"


"Thanks for everything. Your program is flawless!"


"Thank you Rick. It was a great course and done very well. It made the process go very smoothly."


"Thank you. I enjoyed the class thoroughly. It was very informative and well presented. I especially liked the online portion of the class. It was much improved compared to the first time I took the online portion of the certification training. I can really tell that your efforts to refine how the course is being presented are paying off."


"Absolutely great job presenting I will definitely recommend this for others."


In-Person Course Testimonials

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you profusely for the stellar class.  The real testament for outstanding instruction is the committed involvement of the participants.  I felt strong about the involvement by my fellow classmates and the relevant questions they asked constantly.  It made for a great experience - and there is no one that can leave after two days and not say they didn't know, or have the available resources to find out.  Your expertise, presentation, and humor pulled everyone into this important (but at times neglected) industry and gave us an eye-full of the challenges we are now to face.  Once again, thanks - it was great meeting you and being apart of your class."

Aquatic Facilities Manager - Denver, CO

"Thank you again, Rick for the great instruction. As I told you, this was by far the best CPO class I have ever attended. As a regulator, I really appreciate the pool operator focus of the class. I feel that our operators will be able to take the information presented to them and easily apply it to their individual situations, making their pools better for the public, and better for our regulation and inspection compliance. 

Environmental Health Scientist - Utah

"I took over as head of building maintenance and I inherited two 20,000 gallons outdoor pools with water slides, two seven thousand gallon hot tubs, and around fifteen 650 gallon cedar hot tubs. On top of that I am expected to keep up all our properties. 

Pool Training Academy Graduate

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I you tubed googled researched hours and hours. Stumbling every step of the way.

Pool Training Academy Graduate

I know now I have the proper training to absolutely succeed!

Pool Training Academy Graduate

Thank You again for all the knowledge you have give me!"


"Alex, you are a superb instructor!"

Ray - Denver, CO

"We ALL enjoyed the class. A ton of actual practical information that we are going to follow up on. I always hate to do those "dumb" evaluations, but I've done our outdoor 50 meter pool for 35 years as well as our Rec Center comp pool, lazy river, and two splash pads so I have taken a few CPO classes along the way. This one was by far the best. You guys rock! Well worth it."


"You are an amazing instructor, Rick. I have already recommended your class to several people."

Jason - Telluride, CO

"Alex, thank you very much for the class today.  Both myself and my brother enjoyed your presentation.  You genuinely taught it for us to learn rather than creating a stressful environment that would have made it a difficult day.  Again, thank you very much!"

Kelly - Denver, CO

"I wanted to thank you for putting on a terrific cpo class. When I was a regional manager at PEP (pool and electrical products inc.) our branches would host classes for IPSSA and UPA ,two of the main pool service associations in so-cal.  The instructors often had credentials and experiences but nothing in comparison to yours. You kept it fun and interesting. I heard a few one liners from the other rooms too. I'm also a member who pays no dues or fee's. I was relieved to know that in Colorado we have knowledgeable pool industry professional like yourself. Thanks for the training."

Chris - Colorado

"I appreciate Rick's style of education and presentation. It was a very informative and entertaining experience!"

Jason - Kansas City, MO

"Thanks! Rick has an incredible knowledge of pool operations and he gave me a whole new outlook on the inner workings of pools. I will definitely further my understanding in this field."

Anthony - Kansas City, MO

"Thank you, Rick, for teaching the class the way you did. He presented the information in a very memorable way and inspired me towards greater safety. I really appreciated the compassion and care that he spoke with when he told us of the cases of children that had been injured or killed due to neglect."

Joshua - Fort Collins, CO

"Thank you. I really enjoyed the class and wish it was longer. I learned a lot and have more confidence in dealing with our pool and spa tub. Everyone should know how beneficial this course is."

Jacinda - Livingston, MT

"Alex, I really appreciate your help. I am old enough to say that you were one of my best teachers."

Edmond - Denver, CO

"Thank you for hosting an enjoyable and informative pool training class. Max and I are now working to enhance the standards at our facilities. I think this is a great curriculum and I found the teaching style to be mellow yet focused. I can tell the instructor made the effort to "read" to the students and took the time to help each one comprehend the material. Keep up the good work!"

Jim - Durango, CO

"Thanks, Rick. You made what I was afraid was going to be a challenging course, fun and interesting!"

Mindy - Denver, CO

"Thank you Rick, you are an amazing teacher with an incredible sense of humor. It was an absolute pleasure to be in your class."

Donald - Telluride, CO

"Thanks for offering to have me contact you if I have any questions during this journey. I have been an athlete at all levels and truly understand and value a good coach. Thanks for your time and knowledge."

John - Pool Operator

"You're the Man!! Actually calculated the time of a pool drain this morning on the money!! You are an outstanding instructor!"

Danny - Kansas

"Rick answered all my questions before I asked them. Wish I had him as an instructor in college."

Pool & Spa Manager - Vail, CO

"I appreciate everything and can't wait to get out in the field, this week, to implement many of the recommendations Rick had! I'm sure my properties will see a huge improvement and, in turn, will increase our customer's vacations."

Chaz - Steamboat Springs, CO

"Rick's patience and attitude were very helpful with not feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. Keep Rick instructing them!"

 23 Year Maintenance Engineer - Vail, CO

"Excellent! Great class! I learned a lot and reinforced what I did know. Easy to understand, not overwhelming."

Swimming Pool Inspector - Kansas City, KS

"Let me start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Rick is an excellent instructor. I found the class very informative, I learned a great deal in a short period of time. Thank you!"

Southeast Fitness - Aurora, CO

"I have learned so much in two days my head hurts. I realize I've only broken the surface though."

Pool Service Tech - Denver, CO

"Helpful. Didn't push product. Very informative and easy to understand. Was a pleasure to be around."

Pool Maintenance Engineer - Branson, MO

"Thank you, Rick.  You were a great instructor!  This was my first time taking an aquatics course and you made it super easy to understand and raised my awareness by leaps and bounds.  I am looking forward to digging deeper into the book and making sure we are a solid and safe aquatic facility for our patrons.  Have a great week!"

Facility Manager - Fruita, CO

"The math was very well explained and I really appreciated the "real" answers to problems as opposed to "book knows all" philosophy."

Facility Manager - Nashville, TN

"He actually did keep my attention. Most classes are awful! Scale of 1 to 10. Eleven!"

Pool Operator - Nashville, TN

"A very informative course."

Pool Operator

"A wonderful and and informative class."

Pool Operator - Missoula, MT

"You have me looking at pools in a whole different light. Great course and great presentation."

Pool Operator

"You are a great teacher! Where were you when I was in High School?"

Pool Operator - Montana

"It was refreshing to have it taught from a different perspective as opposed to "this is what you need to know to pass a test." Thank you."

Pool Operator

"Thank you, Rick. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. You are a great teacher and your enthusiasm for the pool industry was contagious."


"Alex was a great teacher. This was my 3rd class, 15 years in business and I learned a lot! Thanks Alex!"

Pool Operator

"Thank you Rick. It was a real pleasure to be in your class. I will definitely come back to your class when my certification is up again. Thought you were a fantastic instructor and made my job of preparing for the test easier. Thanks again."

Pool Operator

"Outstanding classroom, impressed by the material covered and the wealth of information. Highly professional. Thank you so much, Rick"

Pool Operator